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Certified by the National Association of Senior Move Management (NASMM), Uncluttered Domain offers highly professional and reliable services to aid seniors through moves and many other life changes. Whether you're looking to downsize your home of many years or you're choosing to renovate your home to better accommodate life's changes, Uncluttered Domain team will be there with you every step along the way offering guidance and assistance. No matter what your needs may be, Uncluttered Domain will make sure to do all the work from start to finish, or anything in between, so you'll have more time to enjoy this next stage of life. 

 The Following are our esteemed services recommended for seniors:
Senior Move Management: Uncluttered Domain Inc. will organize your move by sorting, downsizing and packing your belongings to prepare you for moving day. Every step of the way we make your life easier by providing the necessary supplies to clearing out your home.  Our on-site, hands-on help offers sensitivity and care while easing the tension often associated with re locations.
Senior At Home Services: When family members live out of town or are too busy to help their senior parent maintain their home or manage their day to day affairs, Uncluttered Domains steps in as the trusted liaison for the senior and their family. We introduce reliable and well respected vendors to help maintain the home and supervise their work. Providing an extra pair of caring hands helps a senior continue to live independently. Uncluttered Domain Inc. customizes our Senior At Home Service to fit the needs of each of our senior clients.  If the need is mail sorting, bill paying or maintenance or adherence to the calendar schedule, Uncluttered Domain will organize and oversee that these tasks and many others are completed.   Most importantly Uncluttered Domain gives peace of mind to the senior and their family.
Age and Place Services:  As we get older our physical needs change so our living quarters need to adapt to those changes.  Uncluttered Domain organizes the home to get rid of the clutter, making room for hallways and rooms to be open and safe.  We also network with vendors to coordinate the installation of senior friendly utility and living fixtures, as well as appropriate furniture, lighting and acoustics to help make living in your home more comfortable. With strong relationships with reliable and safe vendors, our team makes sure that your home gets all that is required so you can live like you once did but as you are now.



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