When challenged by disorganization, whether it’s in the mind or in the process of performing tasks, the best way to change one’s habits is to be taught new ones. We help people at different levels of disorganization by teaching how to conquer obstacles.

By taking the step-by-step approach, Uncluttered Domain Inc. works with our clients at their speed, for their specific needs and in their Home, Work or School. We work with our clients until they have successfully implemented these new changes into their routine.

Our Community Classes teach organizing and life management skills to individuals on a one-to-one basis. We create individualized lessons to meet each of our client’s specific needs.

Your Success Can Be Achieved!


Consultation: 90 Minutes $250.00

1 Hour: $167.00
1 ½ Hours: $250.00
2 Hours: $334.00
3 Hours: $500.00

* Maintenance Program: Phone/Online: Up to 1 hour: $100
* Maintenance Program: In Person: Up to 1 hour: $200.00
* Maintenance status is determined by the Consultant based on a personal evaluation.

Invest in Yourself and Learn to Live Better!

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