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As a reputable and reliable Move Managing company we now offer a junk removal full-service company that will handle everything from a single item, such as a couch or refrigerator, to the entire contents of a home.  

1. Speedy Response

Just “call out our name and we’ll be there, yes we will”! 

Our junk removal team provides a quick response time to your initial call.  We arrive within 24 – 48 hours of your call.

2. No junk left behind. 

A supervisor is on site with every junk removal job, to provide our clients with the highest level of professional services. The team removes everything in your home from furniture to appliances, carpets and more. Stairlifts can also be removed for donation or discard. Our supervisor inspects every room to assure that nothing has been left in the home.

3. Our Manpower

We come prepared and offer a super team of reliable and honest guys, capable of getting the job done in the most courteous manner.

4. Trained Staff

The Supervisor has gone to great lengths to train the team well. The results bring a great benefit to our clients as the team has been working together for years. The high ethics is compounded by good common sense, which is a big help when these guys find missing treasures such as diamond rings, money, uncashed checks and more. The junk removal team is also experienced in keeping their work clean and leaving the home in pristine condition.

5. We Beat the Competitors Price

Yes, we do! We beat our local competitor’s rates and can do this because we do things our way. Our ‘system’ provides the client with an economical and expedient way to rid the home of junk.

Time is money and a well-planned removal of junk keeps us on budget for you.

6. Recycling

You may notice the guys bagging cans of food. We will donate your unopened cans of food to local food banks to help those in need. We care and it shows!  

We continue to be conscientious to help those in need, and for our environment, with every job that’s done.

7. Clean-up

Our clients are amazed at how well their home looks once it is broom swept and vacuumed at the end of every job. Clients often comment that they havn’t seen their carpets or floors so clean in years.

8. Donation Pick Up

Unlike other junk removal companies, donations can be picked up at your home at your convenience and delivered to the organization of choice, and then a receipt is sent to you. Too often organizations can’t come to your home for several weeks, and then they make you wait all day for the pick-up. They also tend to be picky about what they take, especially furniture. Our junk removal team will show up at your door at a designated time and will cart off the donations to clear out your home quickly.

It doesn’t get easier than this.  

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From old appliances to heavy exercise equipment, we junk it all.

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